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About Feed Well

Guilt Free, Sustainable Care

At Feed Well, we prioritize infant and maternal well being by providing realistic and sustainable recommendations for our clients without judgement. Our goal is to reduce parental overwhelm while we work towards the parents goals.

Formula Feeding Friendly

We recognize that formula can get a bad rap in the breastfeeding world- but not at Feed Well. All feeding choices are supported without judgement.

Collaborative Care

We like to work along side families HCP to provide cohesive care for our clients. We understand it can be frustrating for families to get conflicting advice. Providers are faxed our visit summaries and we welcome any open communication.

Infant Physical Therapy

Dr. Mary Claire, DPT, PT

Dr. Mary Claire works with Feed Well families to improve feeding outcomes by addressing issues such as torticollis, plagiocephaly and gross motors delays.

0-12 months

If you have an infant in need of physical therapy services that is between the age of 0-12 months, we welcome them to our clinic. Providers are faxed clinician notes after each visit.


  • Prenatal
  • Supply concerns
  • Latch/positioning
  • Poor weight gain
  • Breast/nipple pain

Physical Therapy

  • Torticollis
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Physical anomolies
  • Hypo/hypertonia
  • Gross motor delays

Clogged Duct/Mastitis Care

  • Following new ABM protocol
  • Theraputic ultrasound
  • BAIT protocol education
  • Prevention techniques


  • Bottle feeding
  • Reflux
  • Starting solids
  • Support group
  • Classes

Provider Resources

2022 ABM Mastitis Protocol

Feed Well Tongue Tie Position Statement